Q:     Where are you willing to travel?
A:     We provide PhotoBooth services anywhere in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Q:     Do you charge extra for set-up and tear-down time and props?
A:     No.  Set-up and tear-down and props are included at no additional charge.

Q:     What is the difference between the regular Photobooth and the Red Carpet Experience?
A:     The Red Carpet Experience adds a red carpet and velvet-roped, gold stanchioned entrance to the Photobooth, with advanced photographic lighting and a green screen for custom backdrops.

Q:     What does it cost to reserve your PhotoBooth?
A:     We require a $200 payment to reserve your event date, with the remaining balance  due 14 days prior to your event.

Q:     Is there anybody there to help guests with the PhotoBooth?
A:     Most definitely.  Our professional attendant remains with the PhotoBooth the entire time, to make sure the booth is working properly and help any guests that may need it.

Q:     What do I need to provide for your PhotoBooth?
A:     We require a footprint space about 10′ x 15′, with level ground, and 110 volt power within fifteen to twenty feet.

Q:     Is there a limit to the number of photos we can take?
A:     No.  Your guests can take as many photos as they wish, during the booked time.

Q:     Do you sub-contract the PhotoBooth services?
A:     Absolutely not.  You are dealing with us from start to finish.  We don’t believe in sub-contracting out our services.

Q:     How fast do the pictures print out?
A:     We utilize a very high-end and fast printer in our PhotoBooths.  Most pictures are completely printed out within forty-five seconds of the last picture being taken.

Q:     Are the pictures high-quality?
A:     Yes.  With our high-resolution digital camera (not a webcam, like others), state-of-the-art computer system, and professional printer, the pictures print out very high-quality.

Q:     I have a question not answered here.
A:     Please give us a call at 509-522-0383 so we can answer your question(s).



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